Offering a wide-range of cultural and social attractions for all ages, Bath is an ideal city to study in. Surrounded by beautiful countryside, full of splendid buildings and with its own unique atmosphere, you have the opportunity to experience what will become treasured memories!

We offer as much help and advice as we can to help you enjoy your stay in Bath to the maximum. We also organise visits to local places of interest such as the Roman Baths, and offer some evening social activities. You can also ask us for information and advice on independent travel to the places you would like to go.

There are many things to do in Bath, which are all easy to get to. Walk where Romans walked at the Roman Baths, indulge yourself in the state-of-the-art spa, enjoy a stroll along the river Avon, take a boat trip, experience the beautiful English countryside and, of course, the local cafés. And then there is the shopping…! There is so much more to see and do!

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For visits to places outside Bath you will find below a selection of excursions which we offer. Please contact us if you have specific questions about what may be happening when you intend to be here.

Stonehenge and Salisbury

World-famous prehistoric stone circle. How and why was it built? Discover this and the city of Salisbury with its astonishing cathedral, home of the Magna Carta and the world’s oldest clock.


Famous for one of the world’s oldest and best universities, Oxford is always popular. Learn the fascinating history of the university and its famous students. And catch up on Harry Potter!


One of the world’s greatest cities, you could spend a month in London as a tourist. We give a tour that shows you the most famous sites, and which will make you plan a return visit!

King Arthur’s Glastonbury

The legend lives on. Visit this magical, mystical place, and learn about the Knights of the Round table and what happened to King Arthur.


The home of Shakespeare. See where the great poet went to school, and learn about life in Shakespeare’s time in this typical and very pretty English market town.

Dorset coast

Visit the beautiful Jurassic coast – ruined castles, dramatic scenery, picturesque villages. Even go for a swim!


A short train ride away, Bristol is a fascinating port city, full of industrial and commercial history. See the famous suspension bridge, the world’s first iron ship and much much more, including famous Banksy street art in his home town.


Capital of Wales. Visit another country just an hour away from Bath. Experience the Welsh language and traditional way of life. Imagine the medieval battles at Chepstow Castle. You don’t need your passport!